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Item: A Day at the Seaside

A story for Children, Teenagers and Adults. Storyboards also available in Welsh.

Ivan and Ruth are at the seaside looking at the shells and seaweed. They catch a fish in a net and decide to have an ice cream to celebrate but then a huge seagull swoops down.


decking & sound pad / waves & gravel tube / shells & starfish / seaweed / fish in net / ice cream / seagull / bag of sweets

Book Contents

Information for Teachers

Our classic books have a number of common curriculum elements.

In addition, this particular story has the following elements:

  • Geography KS1 Human and physical geography
  • Science: Animals including humans, Living things and their habitats, Plants

Terms and Conditions

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Our multi-sensory books are hand-made to order so please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.

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