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Curriculum Links - Information for Teachers

P Levels

Our stories can be used to help to develop skills required for P Levels P1(i) through to P3(ii) in all subjects. They can also help to contribute towards the development of some skills (though not all) required for the following P Levels:

  • Art and Design P4-P5
  • Design Technology P4-P7
  • English Speaking P4-P8
  • English Listening P4-P8
  • English Reading P4/P5/P7
  • Geography P4
  • Mathematics – Using & Applying P4
  • PSHE & Citizenship P4-P6
  • Religious Education P4
  • Science P4

Other P Levels or National Curriculum areas that specific stories may help to achieve or are linked to are listed on the page for each story.


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